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Quick Question:

Does turmeric paste or Manuka honey in a scrub or mask work to remove dark spots or discoloration?

Absolutely. Minimo Skin Essentials has developed the perfect recipes to fade stubborn, resistant dark spots FAST. Our Advanced proprietary blends of natural and organic ingredients work to remove dark spots and discoloration over time. Our full range of skincare products will help you level up to healthy, glowing skin.

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"Listen, I could tell a difference in my skin after the first application. It was glowing! After 2 weeks dark spots are fading quickly and I look soooo youthful!!!"

🖤 Glow Scrub in Lemon Cake Scent

Jashonia M. - Verified Buyer

"I have already ordered a second kit for my teenage daughter- this stuff really works. This is my first time ordering the kit. I started off with the glow lemon scrub. This is definitely worth every dime."

🖤 Glow Bundle

Camisha G. - Verified Buyer

"This is my new go-to set. I've used the Honey Dew Moisturizer for years now and just started these other products and I love how smooth my skin has been!"

🖤 Flawless Starter Pack

Monica W. - Verified Buyer

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