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7 Rules For A Healthy Make-Up / Clean Beauty Routine | Minimo Skin Essentials

7 Rules For A Healthy Make-Up / Clean Beauty Routine

November 7 2020
While studies have shown that make-up does not cause true acne however it can escalate the condition. It is therefore helpful to be aware of common topical triggers, no matter what kind of acne you have. With  so many products making so many claims, it's easy to be confused by clever marketing. Fortunately, just a bit of education can get you on the path to choosing the proper cosmetics and using them wisely.
Organic Skincare is Life- Heres Why. | Minimo Skin Essentials

Organic Skincare is Life- Heres Why.

October 23 2020
"If taking care of the skin can be done naturally plus safe, why go for artificial means" - this is the basic foundation on which Minimo organic skin care works. Organic skin care is the most natural way of skin care. In fact, organic skin care was probably the first one to be used by man when it first woke-up to the needs of his skin.
🌹Refresh Your Routine With Rose Toner🌹 | Minimo Skin Essentials

🌹Refresh Your Routine With Rose Toner🌹

October 11 2020

Most toners today are pH balancing and represent a new direction in the skin care industry, however some toners dry the skin excessively and this is not a good thing, especially if your skin condition is already prone to be dry.

Rose Toner is Step two in the Minimo Flawless Bundle Regimen, it prepares your skin for the application of moisturizers and serum.

4 Sensitive Skin Friendly Tips for Nighttime Routine | Minimo Skin Essentials

4 Sensitive Skin Friendly Tips for Nighttime Routine

October 2 2020
Every person's skin is unique and different areas on a person's face may have different characteristics which must be taken into consideration in choosing the appropriate cosmetics and skincare products.
Entanglements We Totally Support | Minimo Skin Essentials

Entanglements We Totally Support

July 21 2020
Entanglements are the hot, new thing...   BUT Seriously, here are some entanglements done ...
Acne : What, Why & How? | Minimo Skin Essentials

Acne : What, Why & How?

December 23 2019

Did you just wake up and go to the bathroom to freshen up and got the shock of your life? You see something odd on your forehead, that wasn't there the previous night when you went to bed. It looks ugly and you wish it would go away.