Minimo Flawless Bundle


Minimo Flawless Bundle

All Items are FULL SIZE


The Flawless Bundle Includes:

  1. Velvet Cleansing Butter Balm
  2. Rose Toner
  3. Flawless Acne-Fighting Charcoal Facial Scrub
  4. DejaVu Acne Control Serum
  5. Honeydew Moisturizer
  6. Miracle Mud Mask
  7. Minimo Scrubbie Exfoliator


    Recommended Flawless Regimen

    Use Morning and Night

    1. Wash Face using the Velvet Cleansing Butter Balm.
    2. Wet face and apply the Flawless Facial Scrub using the Scrubbie. Add water to increase spread if needed. Rinse well and pat dry with dark colored towel to prevent staining.
    3. Apply the Rose Toner to remove any remaining residue and balance the skin's pH.
    4. Massage a pea-sized amount of the Honeydew Moisturizer into skin.
    5. Once a week, apply the Miracle Mud Mask to detox the skin.


    Specific instructions for use of each product are detailed on the jar.




        Customer Reviews

        Based on 18 reviews
        My Minimo Experience (Flawless Bundle)

        Although the products make my skin feel really soft, my breakouts seem to be getting worse. I know that with some products that happens while your skin is adjusting to new ingredients so I’m still really hopeful that my face with eventually be clear.


        Omg I absolutely love this bundle after 1 week my skin looks so much better. I’m so happy I have found a natural skin remedy!!

        Awesome products!

        I’m so in love with Minimo products! This is my 2nd time ordering the flawless bundle. It has worked wonders on my breakouts and dark spots. They are fading away slowly (good things take time) but I can still see the progress! I’m forever a dedicated customer!

        Great Products!

        I love their products and will continue to order. They have your skin feeling amazing and you’re guaranteed to glow 🤞🏾


        Left out a acrub

        Flawless bundle

        I love the products I bought. The flawless kit is everything a person needs for good flawless skin! I am someone who struggles with bad acne and has since I was little. Minimo has helped me control most of my acne and have much clearer skin. I can’t imagine not using these products everyday. They have become necessities in my everyday routine!

        No results yet

        Hello I've been use the products as directed and following the instructions and I've seen no change in my face as all. I know this is a process and im trying to be patience because I do know this is a slow race but maybe this products are not right from my face because my face has broken out more with the time I've been using the products. Again I'm not sure if its just my skin or the products just don't work. It will be 2 weeks this coming Sunday so I want to give it a full month before I just count this out all together I will up load pics then. Hoping for the best thank you.

        Mixed Feelings

        Ok so I ordered the flawless bundle and began using it immediately. I can truly admit that it reduced drastically my acne very quickly but using an exfoiliant everyday was VERY harsh on my skin. The charcoal made my dark spots darker and irritated so much more that it caused scarring. I used the creamy cleanser one time as the consistency was wayyy too thick in that it did not come off my face when rinsing. I used the mud mask and enjoyed the tingling and scent but realized that it also was irritating my skin and causing breakouts. So I was left with the serum and rose toner which i enjoyed the both of them . Rose toner I went through quickly and the acne fighting serum I still use for spot treatment whereas before I was placing it over my entire face. I just needed a break from all of the product and didn’t get the greatest results I hoped for. There are specific items from this bundle that I would purchase separately but was not satisfied with everything.

        Flawless bundle

        I’m just not in love with this product. Some of the products leave my face feeling super sticky. I actually want to return it. I bought the glow bundle as well and absolutely love that one!

        Love it!!!

        It smells so good and my face feels amazing!