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Teef on Fleek!

This product is a must have! I have been getting so many compliments on my beautiful smile! I love to smile because my teeth are getting whiter! I can definitely see the difference within a week of using this product!!!

Kissable soft lips

This lip scrub is serving life and taste sooo good. It rejuvenates the lips by removing dead skin and offers a nice sheen to the lips. My lips remain soft, plump, and ready for kisses all season!

Love it

It really brightened up my face and cleared my acne spots

Turmeric Brightening face scrub

I Love love love this product !! Sis u are a life saver , my skin has never looked Better ...... In just 1 month I am almost acne free and my dark spots are almost Gone ! Look at my New face 😩😍😍😍😘

Must Have!

These products work wonders on your skin. I suffered from bad acne and have lots of scars. After using their products all those things slowly started to diminish. I love it.

I absolutely love this skincare line.

Before and after

I have sensitive skin and I have always struggled with black spots and marks from both acne and eczema and this is the first time in my life I found something that works and works fast. I’ve been using the GLOW kit.

Scrubbier and Turmeric scrub

These products are amazing! I see a HUGE difference in my skin

Radiant Skin Brightening Moisturizer

A Blessing in a bottle

This brightening scrub has done wonders for my skin. I just gave birth 9 months ago and it has been a downhill struggle with my skin. I started to break out with huge pimples and rashes every couple of weeks and my skin got sooo dark and uneven. I didn't know what to try, I was very skeptic about this product because I've spent sooooo much on skin care products in the past. I figured why not give a shot especially since it has tumeric. Omg my skin was never the same, I saw results in less than week. My skin felt so smooth after the first use and I started to get this glow. I love the scrub, thanks minimo ❤❤ I'm a customer for life

Love this product

Omg this product changed everything about my daily skin care regiment! I love how it completely got rid of the hyperpigmentation on my face! No more dark spots no more acne no more breakouts! I absolutely love this face scrub!

This was a good product , I just wish the results lasted longer, it hydrated my sling but the next day dry again

Very good

My face is cleaner the black spot are going away and it makes my face so soft

I love this mask! I have oily skin and lately it hasn’t been as oily. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry and it clears acne in a couple days !

I love it ! My skin look amazing !

Great product !

Love the ingredients and they smell great.
So far I love my Minimo 😁


When I say I've tried everything to get my face to looking better and feeling better...I have literally went through tons of far, this product has solved my hyperpigmentation, sorted out my blackspot problem and has bightened and softened my skin...the hydration is too real that im in complete disbelief evern though I can clearly see and feel it...GET THIS PRODUCT

So far working well

I’ve been using this product for about a month. I wanted to give it time before I posted a review. So far I do see the dark spots fading. I’m going to continue to use it!

Oh my Gawd I am in love!! Finally a black owned company who understands our skin! Thank u!!

Ever since I’ve hit 30 I’ve been having issues with my face breaking out! I spent $170 in Mary Kay, what a waste a want my money back! I ordered this and after TWO WEEKS I AM SEEING A DIFFERENCE AND I AM SUPER EXCITED!! I’ve done multiple videos, shared it everywhere, and I know this will blow UP!! It’s a GREAT PRODUCT!! I’m stoked!! I’m in love!! Will be ordering more please don’t go up!!!! Yayyyy. I wish I can add more videos since I use Snapchat😬😀

Noticeable change after 1 week

Great product and smells great!


Love the Moisture Cream.


Glow starter kit

Great product

Candy Edible Lip Scrub

Glow Skin Brightening Facial Scrub

I have dark scars from acne and I have been using this product for going on two weeks, two times a day, and I think it may actually be working. I am going to give it a full month to make sure I'm not seeing what I want to see but actual results. I have taken before pictures to compare. Stay tuned!