Minimo Glow Bundle

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Minimo Glow Bundle

All Items are FULL SIZE


The Glow Bundle Includes:

  1. Genesis Sulfate-Free Foaming Facial Cleanser
  2. Balance Skin Brightening Toner
  3. Glow Skin Brightening Facial Scrub
  4. Lumen Dark Spot Corrector Serum
  5. Radiant Skin Brightening Moisturizer
  6. Minimo Scrubbie Exfoliator
  7. Miracle Mud Mask


Recommended Glow Regimen

Use Morning and Night

    1. Wash Face using the Genesis Cleanser.
    2. Wet face and apply the Glow Facial Scrub using the Scrubbie. Add water to increase spread if needed. Rinse well and pat dry with dark colored towel to prevent staining.
    3. Apply the Balance Toner to remove any remaining residue and balance the skin's pH.
    4. Massage 2 pumps of the Lumen Facial Serum into the skin in a circular motion. Be sure to make sure the serum is fully absorbed into the skin (takes about 30 seconds and skin should feel buttery and supple post application).
    5. Massage a pea-sized amount of the Radiant Moisturizer into skin.
    6. Once a week, apply the Miracle Mud Mask to detox the skin.


Specific instructions for use of each product are detailed on the jar




      Customer Reviews

      Based on 48 reviews
      Very pleased with my purchase!

      I have definitely noticed a brighter appearance to my skin and a lighter blemish marks on my face. I plan to purchase again.

      My New Skin

      I love my Minimo Glow Bundle. Number one it was not expensive at all. Two it’s all natural so I felt confident using the products on skin. Three my skin is giving me life and I am loving it. My scarring has lightened and my Glow has appeared. Y’all are stuck with me.

      I can’t start or end my day without using the Minimo Glow Facial Scrub

      I love the way the Glow scrub makes my face feel and look after using. I’ve recommended these products to my entire family and friends. My husband is now starting to use the products because he loves it so I will be reordering soon!

      Decent products

      So I have been using the glow bundle for a month and I don’t see any noticeable changes with the dark spots. I have asked other people have they noticed and no one did. Now I will say I will continue to use this product because it has kept the small amounts of acne bumps I get occasionally, also I really love how my skin feels after each, use super clean and smooth. I’m undecided if I will purchase again. Not a bad product at all, I just was expecting more results.

      This is it right here!!

      I purchased the glow bundle. Y'all I LOVE IT!! I have always had pretty decent skin so it never took much to keep acne off of my skin but I do struggle with my face looking flushed/dull. The glow bundle is helping me get a more brightened skin tone. If you can't get the entire bundle you should absolutely purchase the brightening scrub and the dark spot correcter. I have only been using it for about a month but my scars and dark marks from previous acne (I am terrible at picking at my pimples) are already fading. GET IT NOW!!!!

      It actually works

      I was very skeptical, but I needed a good facial routine that didn't cost too much, and I figured I would just wear foundation for the spots. I am actually shocked not only and the fact that it's lightening my dark spots, but my skin is butter soft. The only thing is that the product is a bit rich, I have very oily skin naturally, but I still use every and pat down my face later in the day. I would post a pic but I guess I'm shy like that, lol..

      I dont see a difference

      I'm a try the flawless one because I dont see a difference with my acne...I been using it since April 11th it's now April 30th

      Was Hoping for the best

      I try everything For my face and nothing works. So I started using the Minimo Glow bundle 2 weeks ago. I was hoping to see some changes on my face but my face started breaking out really really bad. So I wrote them on insta to ask if I should keep using it or stop but I was left on seen with no reply at all. 3 stars cause I really like the mud mask. Didn’t work for me at all😪


      Okay so I got the glow bundle box after years of frustration with my acne and dark spots. I wanted to go with a black owned company that knows my skin I was so excited to start my new clear & clean face journey. It has been 2 weeks and with consistency night and day even when I get home from work at 12 am and just want to flop down on my bed, I feel a change and see my skin evening up. I am so happy I even brought Candy lip scrub and charcoal scrub lol I highly recommend this product 💖💖💖


      I absolutely love all the products , they’re effective, yet gentle and natural. I see the difference in my skin ,